Why mediation?

When it comes to divorce and parenting, mediation has been gaining steady traction as a popular choice over the process of litigation. Mediation places the parties involved in the presence of a neutral third party, making choices in a collaborative manner. While mediation might not be the best fit for every circumstance, often, it is the most mutually beneficial choice. What gives mediation an edge over litigation?




1.  Mediation invites the parties involved to be active participants in what decisions are made. Rather than a judge deciding what school is best for your child, you and the other parent decide. Rather than a judge deciding who deserves the wedding china, you and your former partner come together to make that choice together.

2. Costs in mediation tend to be much lower, as multiple trips to Court can add up quickly. Also, though you can still hire a private lawyer to consult with in mediation, it is still possible to seek mediation without representation.

3. Unlike litigation, mediation is not subject to public record. Your private life stays your private life.

4. It sets the bar for the rest of your co-parenting life. Though you may be divorcing, you remain parents. The more quickly you and your co-parent acclimate to compromise in a respectful manner, the better off your children will be.

5. Because everyone involved is an active participant in the choices made during mediation, there is a far greater chance that everyone will comply with the agreement. Both parties having a hand in the process ensures they are invested in following through with the terms of  mediation.